About Ecommerce Baby

My Story

A few years back I was employed in the corporate world at a job I didn’t love. I worked with great people, but the work/life balance was nonexistent and I wanted more control over my own time – so I quit to start my first eCommerce business in 2007. I’ve been a full-time eCommerce entrepreneur ever since!
In the subsequent years I’ve built up a number of online stores for my clients from scratch, learned an amazing amount about eCommerce, met some incredible people/entrepreneurs and had the opportunity to travel extensively around the world.

What I Do

I currently own an ecommerce consultancy – Operion – that are largely managed by my amazing team in the Malaysia and abroad. I live in the beautiful Penang Island, where I love getting outside, gathering, swimming and free-talk about the personal development.

About This Blog

This blog is dedicated to sharing insights and lessons learned from running my own businesses, and is written especially for individuals and small teams hoping to start, grow and operate their own online stores. eCommerce and entrepreneurship have brought an incredible amount of freedom and opportunity to my life, and my hope is that you find the information I share here helpful in your own pursuits.


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